• Staples Opens its Doors to Apple Pay

    Staples announces Apple Pay will now be supported in approximately 1,500 of its stores nationwide just in time for thr festive period

  • Netflix High-Res Video on the iPhone 6 Plus

    The latest Netflix update for iOS 8 will give iPhone 6 Plus users the opportunity to stream content in higher resolution than before

  • Apple Watch Chip Production Imminent

    As the chip makers behind the Apple Watch look to begin production, we take a look at whether the device will be ready for Valentine's...

  • Apple and Alibaba Close to Apple Pay Agreement

    Alibaba Executive confirms in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that talks are progressing and that a "positive" outcome is imminent

  • iOS 8 Now Installed on 56% of iOS Devices

    Adoption rate for iOS 8 reaches 56% at almost 2 months after launch, according to the latest figures provided by Apple themselves yesterday

  • Malicious “Masque Attack” iOS Virus Found

    New "Masque Attack" vulnerability means that malicious apps can bypass security and infiltrate operating system by posing as legitimate apps

  • iPhone 6 Drives iOS Share Increase

    The release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus represents a huge gain in the share of activations on mobile devices, according to new...

  • Apple Launches “Deregister iMessage” Tool

    Apple provides new web tool for users that will let them deregister their number from iMessage, should they switch to a non-Apple device

  • Uploading Capabilities Added to iCloud Beta

    Apple has added new functionality to its beta version of iCloud.com, allowing users to upload photos as well as view and delete them

  • Apple to Stop Selling Fitbit Devices

    Apple has decided to pull the popular range of Fitbit fitness tracking devices from its online store and retail stores across the US