Free Music Download

Thanks to devices like laptops and mobile phones that we have today we can go anywhere while listening to our favorite song. We can store music on our mobile phones like mp3 players, iPods, etc. Now, we can download free music directly to our mobile phones and listen to them whenever we want.

In internet there are several sites where you can download the songs and video from your favorite artists. These sites are free to use and the files are of good quality and safe for your mobile devices. Here, you will find information about some of the best websites to download free music for mobiles.

List of web sites offering free music download for mobile phones legally:

Through this page you can download the best music to your mobile phone. To start you can register with one of your accounts, either Facebook or Twitter, or if you prefer you fill out a form to provide your personal information and email.

After this you will have access to all music files of this website. Use the search engine and type the name of the artist or the song you want. You can also choose the genre you like based on the available options to choose from.

You can search for any particular genre and get a list of all available options according to your search, click on the image of the song and have the option to hear the first 30 seconds of the song, displaying the size of the file and the download link. If you like the song then you can download it directly to your mobile phone or iPad.

This is another site that allows you to download free music and videos from your favorite artists through a simple process. You must register to download files from this website. Once you’ve verified your registration, use the search box to find the files you want.

Write on the form the artist or song you are looking for and select the file type you want. Once you do that, a download link will appear and you will be able to download free music. The site can be used from your computer or mobile device to download the songs you want.

This is another interesting site that allows free music download and it contains a wide variety of songs belonging to different genres and artists. Music files to download are in MP3 format. Use the search engine and type the artist or song you wish to download and it will instantly display all available options.

You can hear the song before downloading it to check which version you want. To download the songs you just have to right click and save target as, select a folder on your PC or mobile and it will be downloaded within a minute or two, depending on the size of the file.

You can download free music that you like from this site without registering. Select your preferred language at the top right. In the search type the name of artist or song you want. It will show a list of all the download options.

Before you download you can listen to the song and also add it to a playlist. To download the songs you just have to right click on the file and click on save to a folder, in order to save it on your mobile.

Free Music Archive is a real archive containing many songs that you can download for free. The website offers a weekly mixtape of music contracts that are sent via email to you, and you can then download them to your computer. At this site many big companies cooperate in the field of music, including record labels and arts organizations, and they provide the songs that have produced for people to download for free, as a part of their promotional efforts.

No, we are not kidding. The site offers samples of different songs and albums from artists for free. Downloading these music files is legal and you can even download them directly to your mobile device without any difficulty. The best part is that, you can easily locate many sample music files by searching for a while in the site.

Other ways of downloading free music

One of the easiest ways to download free music without is the use of P2P programs that allow file sharing between people. In these programs you can download everything but most preferably used for downloading music that are usually in MP3 format and because of its small size, the download is so fast that takes about a little over a minute for each song. However, you must be aware that most of the times it is illegal to use these programs as they infringe upon the copyrights of different artists and producers.

Thus, the best way to download free music to your mobile phones legally, without infringing on people’s copyrights is to look for different websites on the internet that offer free music legally. These sites are supported by the producers and artists of who release different songs and albums to the public at large, in order to reach a wide group of people and to increase their popularity. YouTube is one of the best sites on the internet that not only offers free music, but also allows free music download. With the help of different programs or applications, you can download the music videos and other content in different formats which are supported by the mobile devices.

Once the content or music is downloaded to your PC, you can transfer the same to the mobile device and play it. Thus, the process of obtaining free music for the cell phone or other mobilke devices like iPads and laptops is not very difficult. Due to the availability of a large number of websites offering free music downloads legally, people can easily download the music they like in their mobile phones and iPads.